The Tough Plastic Irrigation Pipe

For quality gated pipe... it's DAZOC!

  • Unlike metallic gated pipe, DAZOC resists rusting, denting and corroding.
  • It's lightweight and easy to handle.
  • And you could save energy dollars! DAZOC's low friction-loss requires a minimum amount of energy at the pump.
  • It's ideal for irrigation systems with operating pressures up to 25psi.
  • Each length of DAZOC has a scientifically designed coupling system that provides for easy row adjustment. It minimizes leakage! And, it's interchangeable with aluminum gated pipe.

LENGTHS: 30 Feet
SIZES: 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch O.D.
GATES: Slide gates are standard

SPECIAL FEATURES: Available with standard gate spacings of 20, 30, 36 and 40 inches. Gaskets are included.

A COMPLETE LINE OF FITTINGS (Tees, Ells, Reducers, End Plugs, Gates & Gaskets) is available.

DAZOC can be ordered as non-gated for transmission pipe for flood irrigation, waste disposal and above ground uses.

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