DAZOC Above Ground Irrigation Fittings are made of a scientifically formulated compound that makes them more durable than pipe and fittings manufactured by competitors.

DAZOC fittings are tougher because they are an extruded fabricated fitting, unlike some competitors' injection molded fittings. Injection molded fittings have their place in the potable water market where fittings are glued in place and never touched again. But in the irrigation market where fittings are handled and abused daily and must hold up against the tough daily rigors of throwing them in the back of the truck...injection molded fittings do not hold up as well as DAZOC Above Ground Irrigation Fittings.

The color-coded DAZOC fittings make it easy and simple for anyone to identify the proper size fitting they need, whether 6", 8", 10" or 12". DAZOC Above Ground Irrigation Fittings have stood the test of time; they simply work! They are also very cost effective in comparison with the high price of aluminum fittings that corrode and get bent from daily use. The acidity and alkalinity of water in some areas prohibits the use of aluminum fittings. DAZOC Above Ground Irrigation Fittings are made exclusively by Nebraska Plastics, Inc., a company with 56 years in the plastic manufacturing business.

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